Necktie Killer

Necktie Killer is an independent, grass roots, 7 piece rock band out of Bend, Oregon. The best cliche to describe this band is 'rugged, yet refined.' The often crass yet somehow eloquent lyrical content combines with exquisite musical arrangement, catchy melodies, and myriad stylistic influences to create a unique musical experience.

Like a close friend with a drinking problem, this band will punch you and kiss you all in the same night. NtK has played shows all over the west coast and is steadily building a fan base. They released their debut album, Heavy and Horny in 2013, which has a plethora of rock genres kneaded into a ska foundation.

The band's favorite things to do are keeping it rude and keeping it really, really rude. If you're cool with that, then there is almost certainly something in their versatile arsenal of songs that you will find appealing.

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Necktie Killer - Heavy & Horny

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Necktie Killer's latest album "Heavy & Horny" is available at CD Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Bandcamp and many other outlets.

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